what is Timbalaya?

Timbalaya is a magical world. A vibrant family entertainment brand where everyone can imagine and play together through natural outdoor play, books and games, performance and other wonderful things yet to be imagined.

Timbalaya comes from a wish to give every child the opportunity to dream and realise their potential in life, no matter who they are or where they live.

If that excites you too then read on and join in the adventure.

the story in a nutshell…

Every meaningful brand has a great story behind it. Timbalaya is based on a series of childrens books set in an imaginary land – ‘Timbalaya’ –  where we follow the adventures of brother and sister Sparrow and Luni Flit and their little wombat friend Chee as they go on a brave, sometimes scary journey in a bid to save the dying Wishing Tree at the centre of their village – a tree where secrets are hidden, dreams are made and wishes come true.

Along the way, we meet many characters like wise old Spangle Stargazer, keeping his watchful eye over the land from his majestic observatory tower ; encounter the giant Buzz-Birds responsible for stealing Luni’s treasured Brittlewood Locket with its mystical powers; meet a Borroble Bear, the gatekeeper moles and we try and avoid the waxy sinister Wick Lizards and wretched Rezag rats. Who knows what fate awaits them? Will they solve the clues to help them to save the Wishing Tree and, in turn, their land?

All will be revealed, little by little,  eventually!

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bringing Timbalaya to life…

Meet our growing a crew of curious, imaginative and we believe, brilliant minds who are helping us bring this exciting new brand to life.

Georgina Parfitt

The wonderful stories of Timbalaya have come from the imagination and creative brain of young Harvard graduate and British writer Georgina Parfitt.

Louise Prentice

Brighton (UK) based illustrator Louise Prentice has been recruited to transform the words into beautiful, thought-provoking, mystical pictures in a way only she can.